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Disc Centrifuges
Used Alfa laval MAPX204 stainless steel disc bowl desludger centrifuge. Max speed 1420 rpm. Aluminum top bowl cover. Separator design. Direct drive. Includes Tools.
Item 11852-001
Used Westfalia centrifuge model SAMM 15006, self cleaning separator. Stainless steel. Rated 15000 liter per hour. Bowl speed 4500 rpm. Includes tools, control panel and some spares. (MSA 120-01-076).  
Item 12956-001
Used Alfa Laval model MAPX 207 SGT 29 automatic desludging disc centrifuge. Open Inlet, Fixed paring device on the light phase and open discharge on the heavy phase. Timer triggered total ejection. Separator (3-way) design. Has 7.5 HP 3/60/460 V 1755 RPM Motor. S/N 2936036
Item 11868-001 
Used Alfa Laval model AX-213S-31B-60 high speed, high ""G"" separator. Max speed of 6810 rpm. Clarifier design. Stainless steel wetted parts. Timed discharge of the solids. 50 Hp 3 phase 60 cycle 460volt 3530 rpm motor. Some tools and spares included. Spare bowl available.
 S/N 2985411
Item 10746-001 

Used Delaval auto desludger model BRPX-207-35S-60. Type 316 stainless steel with a KN deep sludge cover. Two way clarifier. Equipped with a 10 hp directly connected clutch motor drive. Built 1974. Last used in dairy application. Includes timer box and tools.  
Item 10409-001 
Used Oil skid consisting of: (1) Veronesi model BSGEL 370 centrifuge 7800 rpm bowl speed, 9500""Gs"" 7.5 hp motor, class ""B"" rating and (1) Veronesi model SEB130 Control panel, and heater included. Some tools for both machines included. 
Item 10750-001 

Used Westfalia model CSA19-06-476 10 HP centrifuge. Biotech separator design. 316 stainless steel construction, steam sterilizable with CIP feature, self cleaning 12"" disc type bowl, 8150 RPM, rated solids 1.3 Kg/decimeter, heavy liquid 1.0 Kg/decimeter, complete with 7.5 KW, 230/460 motor, tools. New 1990. Previously used in Biotech application.
Item 11512-001
Used Westfalia Model OSA35-02-066 automatic desludging disc type centrifuge. Separator design (3 way). Pumped discharge of the light phase, gravity discharge of the heavy phase. 6600 bowl speed. On a skid with controls and a heater. 20 HP drive motor, 3/60/230-460 volts, 1760 rpm. S/N 1675 421. With tools. Mounted on a platform 8' 6'' X 9' long. Built 1982.
Item 11868-003 
Used Westfalia model SA40-06-177 automatic disc centrifuge. Stainless steel contacts. 40 hp motor. Heavy phase 1.0 Kg/cm2. Solid phase 1.1 Kg/cm2. Includes some tools and speed controller. Serial # 1652613.
Item 10827-001
Used Westfalia model SA 40-01-177 separator. Both liquid phases are pumped. All stainless steel contacts. 40 HP 460 volt motor. Base plate included. 
Item 11616-001
Used Model SAMR-15037 Westfalia De-sludger clarifier, stainless steel contact surfaces, 4650 rpm max. bowl speed, bowl has 4.25 gallon sludge capacity, rated to 100 gmp, with 40 HP 3565 RPM 230/460 Volt motor. Item 11982-001 
Used Westfalia SAMS M15036 automatic desludging stainless steel centrifuge. 40 hp 3/60/460 volt motor. 4950 rpm max bowl speed. Clarifier design. Timed ejection of solids. 1.2 specific gravity of solids. 1.0 specific gravity of the liquid. Wear protection at solids discharge. S/N 1644295. Includes some tools. 
Item 11534-001 

Used Westfalia Model OSA35-02-066 automatic desludging disc type centrifuge. Separator design (3 way). Pumped discharge of the light phase, gravity discharge of the heavy phase. 6600 bowl speed. On a skid with controls and a heater. 20 HP drive motor, 3/60/230-460 volts, 1760 rpm. SN680-76
Item 12010-001 
Used Westfalia model SAOOH 15037 (SA40-03) disc centrifuge. Stainless steel bowl, housing and covers. SN 1631060. Belt driven by 30 Kw Motor 3 phase 50 cycle 2890 rpm.
Item 11915-001 
Used Westfalia desludger SAOK 4006. Stainless steel contacts. Mounted on frame with motor and control panel and starter 20HP 3/60/230-460 volts 1745 rpm. Vibration switch, Water harness. 6500 RPM bowl speed. S/N 1625056. Some tools included.
Item 11880-001 
Used Rebuilt Westfalia SA40-03-177 disc centrifuge. All wetted parts being stainless steel. Separator design. Rebuilt on base plate with tools and spare gaskets. Rated up to approximately 40 GPM With PLC control panel.
Item 12003-001  
Used Alfa Laval MAPX 309 stainless steel desludger. 15 hp motor. 3 phase 60 cycle. 460 volt. Mounted on skid with controls.

Item 11879-001



Used REBUILT GEA Westfalia model SA 45-03-177 self-cleaning disc centrifuge. Includes: Frame, Bowl, Motor, Cover, Valves, Foundation frame, Tools, Controls, Manual and some spare parts. Separator Bowl design: Open light phase, paring device Heavy phase. 4920 RPM. Sanitary design. Flange type vertical mounted motor. SN 1697 834 Mfg 1989. Controls.
Item 12940-002
Used Alfa Laval centrifuge, model WSPX-204-TGT-74-60/4139-9, stainless steel contacts, deep sludge cover. Light phase and heavy phase centripetal pump, timed total discharge, purifier design, direct driven by a 3 hp, 3/60/208-230-460 volt, 1765 rpm motor. Set up on a Vepco Model TB21X38X204 Tramp Oil Filter Media/Centrifuge Separation System consisting of the WSPX204, three (3) system pumps and a steel filter media flight chain conveyor. Unitized system with controls (no filter media). S/N 4031126  
Item 11832-001
Used GEA Westfalia stainless steel separator. Type RSA 60-01-076. Leeson 20 hp Side Mounted Motor, 200/400 Volts, 1460 RPM, with Operator's Manual, Includes Assortment of Separator Tooling & Parts On Skid. S/N 1666867
Item 12980-001