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Used Hockmeyer lab size post mixer. Approximately 1 hp motor. Stainless Steel shaft and blade. Manual lift. Stainless steel mix can. 
Item 11146-002  
Post Mixers 
Used Jaygo post mixer, stainless steel shaft and blade. Hydraulic lift. Model 1050. 30 hp vari speed motor, 1765 rpm, 230/460 volt, 74/37 amps, 60 cycle, 3 phase. Variable speed is air controlled. Shaft is belt driven.
Item 11146-004  

Used EDWARDS & JONES slow speed blunger mixer, 7' diameter X 4' deep, Stainless steel shaft and blades. 20 Hp motor drive.
Item 11200-033 
Used Schold Post Mixer. Hand wheel variable speed drive. Schold Model: 400VHS. Carbon steel shaft, 38"" Long, 2.5"" diameter. Disperser S/N: S1931. 20 HP, Electric 230/460 volt, 600/3600 RPM.
Item 11418-004  
Used Myers post mixer model 500A-20-329. 4' 6"" Stainless steel shaft and 36"" diameter bowtie blade. 20 hp 3 phase 60 cycle 230-460 volt XP motor 1755 rpm. SN 329. Air lift. 1999.
Item 11177-049  
Used Hockmeyer post mixer model HV15, stainless steel shaft (requires blade) Air lift. Varispeed. 15 hp motor. Serial number 84-2471.
Item 10337-001  
Used post mixer, stainless steel contacts. Dual agitated. 7.5 hp 3 phase 60 cycle 460 volt 3450 rpm motor 6"" Hi Speed disperser blade and side sweep/scraper agitator (requires motor for sweep agitator). Approximately 45 gallon stainless steel dimple jacketed vessel. Unit has hydraulic lift for raising agitators from vessel. All mounted on base with castors. Mfg by Premier.
Item 10395-002  
Used Myers post mixer model 775A-7.5-2669. 4' Stainless steel shaft and disc blade. 7.5 hp. 3 phase 60 cycle 230-460 volt 3470 rpm. XP motor. Air lift. 1998.
Item 11177-048  

Used Cowles Dissolver Variable Speed Model: 47WHV. Stainless steel shaft, 46"" Long, 1.5' diameter. S/N: LA-205. 7 ½ hp motor, 3 phase, 230/460 volt, 60 cycle, 1750 RPM. Variable speed hand crank adjustment, range 300-2400.
Item 11418-005a
Used Lab post mixer. 2 hp 3/60/220-440v vari-speed motor. Saw tooth blade. Stainless steel contacts. Shaft 22"" long. Blade 5"" diameter.
Item 11068-007  
Used Hockmeyer HVR disperser. Hydraulic post with 60 HPvari-drive. Motor has Class 1 Group D UL tag. With steel base, shaft is steel with stainless steel blade. 

Item: 12054-001