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Used Groen approximately 4 gallon T304 stainless steel reactor. Approximately 12"" diameter X 9"" deep. Clamped dished top. Welded dished bottom. Internal rated 15 PSI/Full vacuum. Jacket rated 25 PSI @ 300 degrees F. Tilt discharge. 1/2 hp variable speed drive with sweep scraper agitator. Baffle. Temp probe. Mounted on stand with Kinney vacuum pump model KC5. Heat exchanger and Controls. Built 1975. National board stamped.
Item 11031-003  
Used 40 gallon Cleveland stainless steel self contained kettle. Natural Gas fired. Cleveland Model KGL-40. Steam Jacketed 50 psi @ 298 degrees F. NB 72063. CRN. K28145. On base with legs. 2" Tangent Draw-Off Valve and Cover Built 2004. 1 phase 60 cycle 120 volt 10 AMPS 140,000 BTU/HR. SN WT6559-04B-02.
Item 12011-001
Used Groen model F20 kettle. Stainless steel construction. Jacket rated 25 psi @ 300 degrees F. Serial number 93148-1. NB 138270. 1991. Stainless steel legs on castors. No bottom outlet.  
Item 10944-012  
Used 50 gallon stainless steel kettle. Built by Lee Industries. Open Top. Hemi bottom. Rated 40 psi @ 290 degrees F jacket. Double motion agitation. Tilt out agitator. Center bottom outlet with valve. Mounted on stand.
Item 12441-002   



Used approximately 40 gallon stainless steel Groen kettle. Model EE-40. Self contained electric/hot water jacket. Approximately 26" diameter x 22" deep. 208 volts. 3 phase. 60 cycle. SN 713 K. NB 25816. 
Item 12612-002  
Used approximately 100 gallon stainless steel mix kettle. Approximately 30" diameter X 34" straight side with a hemi bottom and bolted flat top. Dimple Jacket rated 40 psi @ 300 degrees F. Top mounted 2 hp mixer with anchor/sweep type agitator. Center bottom outlet. 4 Legs. Built by Martin Peterson. U Stamp. SN 95T0061-3. Built 1995. 
Item 12923-004 
Used approximately 100 gallon stainless steel sanitary vacuum kettle. Internal rated 15 psi @ 287 degrees F. Jacket rated 40 psi @ @ 287 degrees F. Sweep scraper agitator with center mounted shaft through shaft high speed homogenizer mixer. Vari speed drive. Bolted dished top. Hemi bottom with center bottom outlet. Built 1980. JC Pardo. SN 3676. NB1588.  
Item 12640-001​
Used approximately 150 gallon Hamilton model SA stainless steel hemispherical bottom dual motion kettle. Jacket rated 125 psi @ 345 degrees F. Dual hinged covers. Bridge mounted tilt out agitators. 1.5 Hp sweep scraper agitator with teflon blades. 2 Hp high speed mixer. Center bottom outlet. 3 Legs. Built by Hamilton 1986. SN C8483-2. NB 5727. 
Item 12935-001