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Used Groen approximately 4 gallon T304 stainless steel reactor. Approximately 12"" diameter X 9"" deep. Clamped dished top. Welded dished bottom. Internal rated 15 PSI/Full vacuum. Jacket rated 25 PSI @ 300 degrees F. Tilt discharge. 1/2 hp variable speed drive with sweep scraper agitator. Baffle. Temp probe. Mounted on stand with Kinney vacuum pump model KC5. Heat exchanger and Controls. Built 1975. National board stamped.
Item 11031-003  
Used 40 gallon Cleveland stainless steel self contained kettle. Natural Gas fired. Cleveland Model KGL-40. Built 2004. 1 phase 60 cycle 120 volt 10 AMPS 140,000 BTU/HR. SN WT6559-04B-02.
Item 12011-001 
Used Groen model F20 kettle. Stainless steel construction. Jacket rated 25 psi @ 300 degrees F. Serial number 93148-1. NB 138270. 1991. Stainless steel legs on castors. No bottom outlet.  
Item 10944-012  
Used 50 gallon stainless steel kettle. Built by Lee Industries. Open Top. Hemi bottom. Rated 40 psi @ 290 degrees F jacket. Double motion agitation. Tilt out agitator. Center bottom outlet with valve. Mounted on stand.
Item 12441-002   



Used approximately 40 gallon stainless steel kettle. Self contained electric/hot water jacket. Built by Dover. Model AEI-40. Jacket rated 30 psi @ 300 degrees F. Electrics 10.8 kw. NB 77581. Bridge mounted drive with anchor type agitator. (Requires sweep blades) Center to side bottom outlet. 
Item 12612-001
Used approximately 40 gallon stainless steel Groen kettle. Model EE-40. Self contained electric/hot water jacket. Approximately 26" diameter x 22" deep. 208 volts. 3 phase. 60 cycle. SN 713 K. NB 25816. 
Item 12612-002  
Used approximately 100 gallon stainless steel sanitary sweep scaper homogenizer vacuum kettle. 
Item 12640-001
Used approximately 30 gallon stainless steel sanitary vacuum sweep scraper homogenizer kettle.
Item 12635-001
Used Hamilton 500 gallon stainless steel double motion agitated kettle, style SA. Jacket rated for 90 psi @ 320 degrees F.  Double motion agitator with hydraulic tilt out. 
Item 12584-001