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Used approximately 3500 gallon stainless steel sanitary vertical tank.
Item 12589-001​
Used approximately 2000 gallon stainless steel tanks.
3 Available 
Item 12971-001 
Used Ross Model PVM 2 - triple motion stainless steel mixer.
Item 12600-006 
Used Westfalia centrifuge model SAMM 15006, self cleaning separator. Bowl speed 4500 rpm.
Item 12956-001
Used Silverson Model 200L in line high shear mixer. T316L Stainless steel sanitary construction. Jacketed body.
Item 12963-020
Used 60" Sweco Screener, stainless steel, single deck.
Item 12883-005
Used Shick Tube-Veyor Centrifugal Sifter - stainless steel. 
Item 12941-001  
Used 75 Liter New Brunswick Fermenter 
Item 12854-001  
Used 250 Liter New Brunswick Fermenter 
Item 12884-001   
Used 45 cuft Marion mixer.  Stainless Steel Sanitary. 15 Hp
Item 12903-001
Used 6000 Gallon Vertical
Stainless Steel Tank
Item 12904-001

Used 24" Sweco. Model LS24S44. Stainless steel. Single Deck.  
Item 12977-001 
Used 48" X 24" stainless steel perforated basket centrifuge. Built by Tolhurst. Stainless steel. 
Item 12878-001 ​
Used Reconditioned Littleford FKM 300 plow mixer. Stainless steel contacts. Main drive 5 Hp - (1) Chopper 5 Hp - Dual Access port.  
Item 12601-001 .
Used 50 cuft Patterson Kelley twin shell blender. Stainless steel mixer with stands.
Item 12970-001 .
Used Lee 200 gallon vacuum kettle Model 200SSA5T -Anchor style agitator with scrapers.
Item 12957-001
Used GEA Westfalia model SA 45-03-177 self-cleaning disc centrifuge.
Item 12940-002
Used Yamato model GB22 lab spray dryer. 
Item 12963-012
Unused 3000 Gallon Stainless Steel Reactor Body.  (2) Available  50/FV Internal.  75 PSI Jacket.  Built 2011.  
Item 12981-001  
Used Rosenmund filter dryer, size .3 square meter. Model # RSD-0.3 T316 stainless steel contacts.  
Item 12963-005
Used Julabo model HT30 Programmable Recipe High Temperature Circulator Forte HT with Pump.  
Item 12963-017
Used Autoclave Engineers Hastelloy C high pressure reactor.  6000 psi.  Electric Jacket. Mounted in stand.  
Item 12963-018
Used approximately 3000 gallon vertical T316 stainless steel storage tank.  
Item 12971-004
Used GEA Westfalia Type RSA 60-01-076. Leeson 20 hp Side Mounted Motor.
Item 12980-001

Used Sperry Type MC filter press, size 12. 12" X 12" recessed plates - gasketed. Hydraulic assist closure.  
Item 12963-002  
Used Sharples P660 decanter centrifuge. Stainless Steel contacts. 
Item 12937-001
Used Bufflovak single drum flaker - 1 square foot surface area. Model 6-8 SDF. Stainless Steel
Item 12963-006  
Used Tri Blender 10 Hp. Stainless Steel. 
Sanitary construction.
  Mounted on Cart.  
Item 12982-020
Used approximately 5000 gallon vertical stainless steel storage tank. 2 Available 
Item 12984-001 
Used approximately 30 ft.³ stainless steel double ribbon blender. Sanitary construction.
Item 12983-001
Used Fryma Mill model MS-12. Stainless steel contacts. 2 bar working chamber
Built 1989.
Item 12936-017​
Used Millipore Model 250 L Mobius Power Mix. 250 Liter 304 Stainless Steel. Catalog Number P20280. SN: 0824581402. Built 2014.  
Item 12936-010A 
Used Stainless Steel Tech 200L Jacketed Bioreactor System. 200 Liter T316L Stainless Steel.  Off center mounted agitator. Includes Mettler Toledo control system.
Item 12936-009  
Used Millipore Mobius MIX 500 L. Mobius Power Mix Single Use Mixing System. 1 Phase 208 Volt. 60 Hz 15A. Nema 4X. 
Item 12936-010B
Surplus Haake Polylab OS Mobile System. Haake Rheo OS Drive Control - Mixer - Extruder System with Randcastle Spinner and Brabender Feeders.
Item 12986-001