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Decanter Centrifuges
Equipment Xchange LLC buys and sells all makes and models of decanter centrifuges.  We offer decanters "as is" and fully reconditioned.   
Contact Jack DeStefano for all of your centrifuge needs. 
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Used Alfa Laval Aldec 506 (DS 401) horizontal decanter centrifuge. Stainless steel contact parts. Bowl diameter 17.72". Total bowl length 75.20". Max speed 3250 rpm. G force 2657 G. Contact parts T316 stainless steel. Main drive 75 hp. Back drive 15 Hp. Gear box. Serial Number 5020963. Max Solids density 1.2 kg/dm3. Min feed temperature 0 degrees C (32 degrees F). Max feed temperature 100 degrees C. (212 degrees F). Overall dimensions 43.7" wide X 180.28" long X 50.04" high. Weight 4.2 ton.  
,Item 12190-001



Used Sharples decanter centrifuge model P3400. T316 Stainless steel product contacts. 50 Hp 3 phase 60 cycle 230/460 volt motor 1770 rpm. Maximum bowl speed 4000 RPM. With gear box and sub frame. Hogged out solid discharge ports with replaceable wear liners. 52/1 Gearbox.
Item 12475-002  
Used Sharples P660 horizontal decanter type centrifuge. 316 stainless steel construction (product contact areas). Max bowl speed 6000 rpm, standard solids discharge ports. 1,2,3,4 slotted liquid dam plate, gearbox 95:1 ratio, base, casing, feed pipe. Approximately: 5 hp main drive.
Item 12602-001
Used Alfa Laval NX-418 Stainless Steel Horizontal Solid Bowl Centrifuge. 14 inch (353 mm) Diameter Bowl with double rows of wear protected. discharge holes .Centrifuge bowl length 56 inch (l/d ratio of 4.0). Maximum 4000 RPM. Maximum g' force is 3100 g's. Stainless Steel Scroll Conveyor within the bowl. Main Motor: Variable Frequency Drive 40 HP, 230/460 Volts, 1800 RPM, TEFC. On adjustable base. Item 12168-001
Used Sharples model PM 75000 decanter centrifuge. T316 stainless steel contacts. 10" single lead conveyor with tungsten carbide tiles. Ribbon conveyor with vanes. TC wear protection at solids discharge. Adjustable liquid discharge ports. 95:1 gearbox ratio. 40 hp DC back drive motor. 150 hp TEFC drive motor. 2600 rpm max speed, approximately 2800 "Gs". Lube panel, isolators, guards, vibration switch. SN 86 PM 75000-88.
Item 11661-001
Alfa Laval - SharplesBirdFlottwegHumboltTema

Used Alfa Laval DSNX4565 decanter. Bowl size 18" X 93". All wetted parts 316 Stainless Steel. Conveyor has a 6" pitch with tungsten carbide tiles for wear protection. 20 Deg beach angle. One row of (8) solid discharge ports with wear protection. Gearbox is a type 6.0 kNm with a 169:1 ratio. Max rpm 2900. Max temp 212 degrees F. Motor 75 hp 1770 rpm. S/N 5020512 Built 1998. Rebuilt 2005 with very little use. 
Item 11313-002 
Used Bird centrifuge model 0150. High G force decanter centrifuge. 7" X 21" bowl. T316L Stainless steel contacts. Max speed 7500 RPM giving 5625X G. Tungsten carbide hard surfacing. Includes base, 10 hp 3 phase 60 cycle 220-460 volt motor and cyclo gearbox.
Item 12107-002   
Used Bird 6" continuous decanter centrifuge. T316 stainless steel wetted parts. 6" dia X 12" long. 6000 RPM with vapor tight pressure discharge. Has 5hp 3/60/220-440V main drive and 3 hp 360/220-440V variable speed backdrive. On stand.
Item 12009-001
Used Flottweg type Z3L 16 x 48. 2 phase decanter. All stainless steel wetted parts. 6" double lead conveyor with stellite hard surfacing. 4000 rpm max speed. 3600 "G"s. Includes gearbox and 40 HP 3/60/460 volt drive motor. 
Item 11727-002 
Used  Alfa Laval / Sharples XM706 decanter centrifuge. Stainless steel contacts. 200 Hp GE Drive Motor. P-180 95:1 Sharples Gearbox. 40 hp GE backdrive. Recirculating Oil System with heat exchanger. Control Panel. Item 11927-001sed recently rebuilt and unused Alfa Laval / Sharples XM706 decanter centrifuge. Stainless steel contacts. 200 Hp GE Drive Motor. P-180 95:1 Sharples Gearbox. 40 hp GE backdrive. Recirculating Oil System with heat exchanger. Control Panel. Item 11927-001     3 IN STOCK
Used Bird Model 24 X 38 screen bowl centrifuge. Cylinder 10 degree design. All wetted parts are stainless steel. 6" double lead conveyor. SA 69 80:1 gear box ratio. Screen openings are .008. S/N SB500
Item 11224-003   
Used Bird Model 2500 H Style solid bowl centrifuges in T316 stainless steel (18 x 54), 1800 RPM with 40 hp motor and SA69 gear unit 80/1 ratio conveyor is a cylinder/ 8 degree with a 6 inch single lead. Feed Tube. On base plate.
Item 12216-001  
Used Bird Flottweg decanter centrifuge model Z32-3/401. Bowl 12.6 " diameter X 36" long. Stainless steel contacts. Bowl inside diameter 320mm. Max bowl speed 5000 rpm. Max sediment density 2.2 g/cm3. Max working temp 100 degrees c. 40 hp 3 phase 230/460 Volt TEFC motor. Bowl-number LB4175F. Material of construction 1.4463 serial number 882379. Built 1988.....
Item 12208-001
Used Bird 36" X 72" carbon steel screen bowl decanter centrifuge. 12" double lead conveyor with ceramic tiles for protection. Stainless steel screens. SA 70 gearbox with 80:1 ratio.
Item 11457-001   
Used Sharples P3400 sanitary horizontal decanter centrifuge. With approximately main drive 40 hp 3/60/480 drive. Has 165:1Gear box with back drive motor. 
Item 12610-002 - 2 In Stock
Used Sharples P-660 decanter centrifuge. T316 stainless steel wetted parts. 6" dia x 12" long 6000 RPM bowl. On sub base with drive and back drive motors. Gearbox. 
Item 12617-001 
Used Sharples PM-55000 solid bowl decanter. Bowl 23" X 73". T316L Stainless Steel wetted parts. 6" single lead conveyor with Tungsten carbide tiles. 360 degree solids discharge with wear protection. Variable liquid discharge. 98:1 gear box ratio. 100 HP, 3 phase 60 cycle 460 volt 1785 rpm motor. With sub base, Isolators, covers. Includes an Eddy Current back drive. Lube system. Max speed rpm 2850. Max temp 210 degrees F. SN 82-PM55000-325
Item 12925-001